And you should know by now, gentle readers, that I’m talking about Fringe.

Honestly, I tried.  I’m a FOX girl.  My internal default setting is FOX.  I’m loyal to the station, and I love the dramas.  And it’s home to House, Bones and Prison Break

I tried.  I gave it 3 episodes.  A real chance.  But it just couldn’t win me over.  Even my TV boyfriend (formerly the one and only Pacey Witter) Joshua Jackson couldn’t bring me back.

And it’s not that it’s a bad show.  It’s actually pretty good.  It appears to be well written, and it takes place in Boston, which couldn’t be cooler.

But when you don’t pause it when you get up to do something else, or freak out when the commercials are over because you might miss something,  I think it’s a bad sign for the show.

It’s trying to be the X-files without being the X-files.  The whole premise behind it is experiments and “Fringe Science.”  Which is pretty cool, especially when dealing with astral projection, or genetic mutations or anything else that may seem weird on this show.  But the writers keep going back to one thing: past experiments.  Apparently, they are having a hard time finding reasons for what is going on, so they default to, Oh, this was an experiment we did 30 years ago, and it’s come back to haunt us.  Um, no.

The only thing that will save this show is if they steer away from the past experiments thing.  Deal with what is happening today.  There MUST be a new experiment, or something unsavory or morally wrong going on in TV land for them to work with. 

I just don’t know yet.  I will be watching tonite… but mostly because there isn’t anything else on that I need to watch.