Wait… slow down!  What the bloody hell is  going on???

I watched Bones last night and all I did was have WTF moments.

Zack returned for this episode to help with a case.  He “escaped” from the looney bin. 

And the kicker to this episode… (SPOILER alert)

Zack didn’t kill anybody!  No, seriously.  He didn’t.  Not now.  Not then.  Never.  He confessed to the shrink in the end that he was not a killer, but he told the killer where to find the victim… and the rest is history.  Making Zack an accessory to murder.

“Hodgins assures me that I would not do well in prison,” Zack said at the very end, explaining why he took full blame for murder.  Looks like he got off easy.

Makes me think he’ll be back later in the season as a vital character once again.

I knew they wouldn’t get rid of him, and I knew he wouldn’t be gone so easily. 

But I’m still proccessing the episode right now… So I’ll post more specific thoughts later.