…because it’s the really one of the only new shows on TV this week.  Or at least last night.  House and Fringe are new tonite, so yay!

But Prison Break is starting to impress me again.  It’s really starting to feel like the first season, where I’m on the edge of my seat, and getting pissed off and stressed out because the episode ended just as something HUGE was about to happen.

Granted, there is still a looong way to go.  And a lot of ground to make up for.  And it’s definitely a different show than when they started, although I’m noticing a few references back to Fox River.  Which is awesome.  I’m actually planning on picking up the first season again and going back through it, because it was definitely great.  I can’t believe it was supposed to only last one season, and here we are… four years later… and they’re still going.

My favorite part about this, aside from Michael Rappaport being a bit sketchy and no one really knowing what side he’s supposed to be on, is Cress Williams who has done episode stints on both Veronica Mars and Grey’s Anatomy.  On Prison Break, he plays a hitman, who killed Mahone’s son, Sarah’s family friend, and is now after Sarah.  He really is brilliant.  And mean.  And scary.

So what’s up for tonite?  The premiere of House and a new episode of Fringe.  You know where I’ll be.