James Marsters

James Marsters

I can’t believe that I forgot about this yesterday.  Really, James, I’m so very sorry… Genuinely sorry.  BUT… HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, JAMES MARSTERS!

James has been a very busy man, as of late.  He will be performing at a private party/concert at DragonCon this year, on August 30th.  Apparently, the tickets will be sold beforehand, on first come first served basis, AT DragonCon.  Meaning, I’m totall kicking myself for changing my mind months ago and not wanting to go to this year’s DragonCon.  I had debated for months… thinking, maybe I’ll wait until next year, and get a better idea of who will be there.  Yeah, that was dumb.

And yes, I’m still high from meeting JM in 2006 at his Queen Mary convention.  But like anyone in love with him, I want more.  So this would have been a great opportunity.

Anyway, other than his appearance at DragonCon, he was cast in a live action version of Dragonball, which was tentatively scheduled for release this month, but looks like early 2009 will be more accurate.  Also, James has also done another 3 episodes for Torchwood, the British Sci-fi show.  Torchwood is another show on my list of shows to watch.  The second season will be released on DVD in September.

Anyhoo, Happy Birthday James!  And keep up the good work.