Well, I  guess my weekend was pretty much productive.  I FINALLY took my TV out of the box and set it up in my room.  I got it back in January, as a bonus prize for working for my company, and acheiving ALMOST all of our goals.  And it stayed in the box until I asked my ex to borrow it.  Just so it got  used.  And it did.  And it looked great… on his TV stand.  In his room.

Then I moved out, and back in the box it went.  And it stayed there for 4 months.  Until yesterday.  When I finally unboxed it.  And finally got to enjoy the spoils of all my hard work.  At last. 

And it looks okay.  I have to fiddle with it a bit… get a booster because the cable I’m using is just too long.  And the TV is snowy.  Not much, but just enough to annoy me.

And I love love LOVE my new entertainment center that I bought at Walmart. 40 beans.  And it’s perfect.  It’s not too big, and has plenty of space for my DVD changer (which I will FINALLY  get to use), AND my new PS3 (that D bought me, as I protested all the way through the mall, the game store and all the way home after he’d already bought it). 

And I LOVE my PS3.  That was defintely the one thing I missed the most when I moved back in with my parents.  And now life is starting to get back to normal.  I bought the Aerosmith version of Guitar Hero and OMG!  So awesome! 



And I’m going to see Coldplay tonite.  My friend Kathy (formerly my partner in crime at the infamous Blockbuster) called me on Friday night, telling me to keep my Monday night free.  I got all excited because we were long overdue for something debaucherous.

So when I called her back she was all, we’re going to see Coldplay, and I’m all, WOOHOO!  Then she’s all, WOOHOO! 

So, we’re going to see Coldplay. 

Now, I’ve never been to a concert.  My friends Bev and Tracy often tell me I must have been living under a rock or in a hole somewhere, because, well… who hasn’t been to a concert??? By the time they’re 25???  And all of those things spark the discussion about how I HAVE NOT lived under a rock or in a hole my entire life, and it’s okay that I’ve never been to a concert before.

And Kathy is popping the proverbial concert cherry.  And this shall be a barrel of monkeys.

I told D and he’s pretty excited for me, although a little disappointed.  Mostly because I’ve been talking about seeing Bon Jovi and Maroon 5 since JANUARY… and one of those was supposed to be the maiden voyage.  But that’s alright.  I told D that when either band performs in Vegas, we’ll go and have a blast. 

And therein lies my weekend.

Oh!  And I saw the new Mummy movie this weekend.