Happy (late) fourth of July (considering it’s the 7th of July, I’m actually 3 days late)!  I actually had a pretty busy weekend, considering the holiday and all.  Not much in the way of television.  And of course, what I did watch for TV I will definitely include that in a different post.

Anyhoo, my Fourth was spent with D milling around the bookstore, having dinner and seeing a movie.  Hancock actually.  I will be honest.  I didn’t hold out much hope for this one.  I love Will Smith.  He’s good in everything he does.  But I didn’t have much faith in this one…especially after Zohan.  BUT I actually liked it.

Hancock is the story about a misfit superhero who has no sense of belonging, no sense of place and no sense of self, so he finds solace in alcohol while trying to save lives.  Simply.  Until he discovers that his OTHER HALF is somewhere nearby.

As far as expectations go, I really didn’t expect much from a 90 minute movie, but I was pleasantly surprised by the time it was done, it felt lunch a much lengthier flick.  But in a good way.  There was so much going on, and so much story, but it was not burdening or unfunny.  In point of fact, the previews were what made me so skeptical, but they really weren’t a large part of the movie at all.  They were pretty nonexistent and easy to forget once the movie picked up speed. 

I definitely think this was a good choice for a movie to see when not wanting to watch fireworks.  (AND the theater was nearly empty.  There were only 2 other couples, who clearly had the same idea as me).

Now, things that made me giggle:

  • JOHN HANCOCK.  That was his actual name in the movie.  How did he get it?  The nurse at the hospital he was at asked him for his “John Hancock” (as in signature… duh!), and he thought that was his name.
  • Hancock’s OTHER HALF was the wife of his Publicist.
  • The French bully.  Since when are bullies French?  But it was hilarious.
  • I really enjoyed how the subtleties were linked between the Super Hero couple.  Hancock hated being called an “asshole”, while his WIFE hated being called “crazy” or a “crazy bitch.”  “Call me ASSHOLE one more time…”  “Call me CRAZY one more time…”  Wicked cool.

Yup, I definitely enjoyed this one.  Can’t wait for the DVD release.  Perhaps I’ll buy it.  Maybe I’ll rent.  But I do want to watch it again.

(Which reminds me, I wonder when Forgetting Sarah Marshall comes out.  Definitely excited for that one.)