That’s right.  You guessed it.  Get Smart fared far better at the box office this weekend than The Love Guru, but are you really surprised by this?  I can’t say that I am.  Especially since I chose Get Smart over the Mike Myers flick.

I have to say, I was a little impressed with Get Smart.  I remember watching the original TV show on Nick @ Nite once upon a time.  it was on at 10 or 10:30, so it was taboo that I was staying up to watch it.  But it was good.   I was even impressed with Anne Hathaway, with whom I am never impressed. 

I actually discovered the unique difference between the two movies while listening to the radio yesterday morning driving in to work.  A local writer from the Boston Globe had made a point that Steve Carell right now is a funnier actor, and Mike Myers hasn’t really been in a live action movie in about 5 years.  So, yes.  It was an easy choice to make.  Not that I won’t see The Love Guru eventually, but not may not be the time. 

I liked that Steve Carell was a different Maxwell Smart.  He was just clumsy or bumbling, he was more unlucky, and had a different vibe.  It wasn’t so much a copy of the original character as it was adding his own little flair and making it an entirely different movie.

What I loved:

  • The Rock… I’m sorry… *cough cough* Dwayne Johnson.  And the scene with the stapler.  It was shown in the previews a few times, but it was still hilarious.
  • Masi Oka.  He was pretty funny playing a smart guy with his cohort and pointing out the flaws of the other characters and comparing them to his own intelligence.  And come on.  Masi Oka.
  • The chemistry between Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway was nice.  They worked well together.  Although the actual chemistry between Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 is severely subdued, which is what kept the original TV show running so long.
  • Maxwell Smart being a former fat guy just wanting to fit in.  And dancing with the woman in pink during one of the under cover scenes.
  • “Missed it… but THIS much.”
  • The Cone of Silence. 
  • Bill Murray as a lonely Agent 13… perhaps forever.  It was a good cameo.

There wasn’t anything I didn’t love about this movie.  It was one of those comedies that doesn’t need to make you think, or even have to be serious.  It was a nice throwback to the original show, and nothing more.  I loved it.  And I was genuinely surprised that it was as good as it was.  Not the best movie I’ve ever seen, but one for the books.