First up, the new FOX fall drama Fringe has allegedly been leaked on a bit torrent site.  As it is one of FOX‘s most anticipated fall shows, this comes as no surprise. Now, I haven’t looked myself.  I’d like to save myself for the fall premiere.  Call me old fashioned.  And I will try to remain spoiler free (other than the previews and trailers that will inevitably  be released before then (and we all know how much I LOVE spoilers.))

It was also rumoured that Joss Whedon‘s Dollhouse was also leaked, however there hasn’t been confirmation or any tangible proof that it is a fact.  Again, I would like to see this one with fresh eyes.  Also, it is has been rumoured that there will be a Dollhouse panel at Comic Con 2008.  Makes me wish I decided months ago that I wanted to go.  I think I’ll plan for next year… waaaaay in advance.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the interviews and heard people talk about the reviews about Comic Con.  It seems like so much fun.  Hey, I’ve already had my “con” cherry popped (by James Marsters) when I went to Cali in 2006 (I hope he does another one).  But they just seem like so much fun, and like it would be a great time.

Another tidbit I came across while perusing the web today was a new Vampire drama on HBO.  It looks as though there is no solid premiere date yet, but True Blood seems like it might be a good find.  It has also been rumoured to have been leaked on a bit torrent.  Again, I’ll have to see this one with fresh eyes. 

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been more and more interested in the vampire genre.  I was reading about a book entitled Twilight that just so happens to be about a vampire.  I’m actually going to take a look online, or see if I can pick it up this weekend, as the reviews are unbelievable.  Perhaps it’s not just me.  I think society as a whole is picking up on the fascination with vampires.  Now, I doubt I’ll love the Twilight series vampires more than Buffy.  I prefer the vampires in Buffy more than any others, as they seem the most loyal to the mythology.

Yeah, I’ll pick up the book on my lunch… I’ll let you all know, gentle readers, how it turns out.  Also, if you’ve already heard of it, or have already read it, let me know, but don’t spoil anything for me.. “fresh eyes” is they key.