I suppose I’ve put this off for long enough.

Oh no.  Good lord, no.  Holy potatoes, no.  Ok, fine.  Yes.  I did see You Don’t Mess With the Zohan Friday night.  I was excited.  You all witnessed that.  But afterwards, I was truly disappointed.  Adam Sandler is always funny, as are his movies.  And I was afraid that the funniest and best parts of the movie were going to be divulged in the trailers and previews.  Well, I was right.  Boy, was I right. 

Not only was this movie not as funny as I had hoped, it was boring.  Even the storyline was a little weird.  I get the whole foreigner coming to America in search of a better life and career.  But come on.  Adam Sandler is far better suited for playing Joe Normal characters that have little quirks that make them funny.  In Zohan, he was not Joe Normal anymore.  And there weren’t any little quirks about him that could be played up.

Fine, My likes:

  • Adam Sandler definitely bulked up for this part.  Truly, it was the best part of the movie.
  • Rob Schneider appeared.  Talk about solidarity.  And this is yet another reason I like Adam Sandler: He’s loyal.
  • The commercials were bloody hilarious.  That’s about it.

What I hated…

  • This wasn’t Adam Sandler’s typical, quirky Joe Normal character.
  • It wasn’t funny.  The funniest parts were the commercials.  The movie extended maybe 2 of the commercials in the movie… personally… the commercials were better.
  • There was no concrete plotline.  Sure, foreigner comes to America in search of a better life, etc.  Didn’t that happen in Coming to America and Trading Places?
  • Did I mention it just wasn’t funny?
  • The hype.  The hype made Zohan look like a secure contender for funniest comedy of the summer… and was perhaps going to give Mike Myers’ The Love Guru.  If anything, it tainted my desire to see the Mike Myers flick because what if the best part was the previews…

Was I harsh on this movie?  Perhaps.  But considering D fell asleep, and I was bored and couldn’t sit still, I think it was an appropriate reaction for me to express. 

The only shining star is hat The Incredible Hulk opens this weekend.  Starring Edward Norton, I’m crossing my fingers that this ends up being a good one.