Um… perhaps.  Perhaps not.  Only time will tell.  The best fan is a Veronica Mars fan.  Think back 18 years.  Small.  Blonde.  Baby… BORN ready! 

So the rumor mill has started, and the petitions are available, and everyone is working so very hard for more Veronica.  There were rumors early on that VM would follow the same route that Buffy did in the form of a comic book.  Perhaps that will still happen.  NOW, however, there is talk about Veronica Mars Straight-to-DVD movies being released, but only time will tell if that will happen.  The best place to find this news is Save Veronica Mars, home of Neptune Rising, the Veronica Mars movement.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed, as I loved that show.  I watched the entire first 2 seasons this weekend, in point of fact.  It is the first 2 seasons that keep the fanbase, that have attracted viewers, and are the best example of good television that’s been out there in a good long while.

Also, there has been a Loan it Forward program that has been established by Neptune Rising.  As well as a Cruise to Mars that will tour many historical Neptune landmarks, and will depart this coming November.

If this is not a testament to the fans, I don’t know what is.  Yeah.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Be cool, Soda Pop.