I’m going to mention this upfront, I was in tears at the end of the episode last night. 

<Spoiler Alert> (insert annoying siren HERE)

Cutthroat Bitch, aka Amber, died last night.  She had taken pills to alleviate her flu symptoms, and as a result, her body couldn’t filter the proteins and sent her entire body on system failure.

Girlfriend of Wilson, nemesis of House… she was evil and pushy and… well, she was CUTTHROAT BITCH.

The seaon 4 finale was a testament to all good episodes of House.  House was struck with a case of amnesia in regards to what happened the night before.  He saw a sympton, but could not remember where he was, or what symptom he saw or who it belonged to.  He tried nearly everything to jumpstart his memory, from electricity to sensory deprivation, risking his life nearly every time.

The theory was that House and Amber were having an affair, and the fact that he could not remember was a clear sign that she was meeting him there for just that.  Everyone suspected such infidelity, especially since it was House.

What actually happened, as House began to remember little by little, House tried finding Wilson because House was drunk and needed a ride home.  Amber came to his rescue, and followed him on the bus to ensure he got home safely.  She sneezed, took flu pills, and the bus crashed.

It was heartbreaking watching Wilson break down and not accept a non-cure to begin with.  He ordered that Amber be cooled down to buy them time to find her cure.  Finally, once House realized that a cure could not be found, Wilson broke down and finally said goodbye to Amber.  It was a purely heartbreaking moment.


  • The final scene, after Amber passed.  It was a montage.  Each member of  the cast mourning in their own way.  Foreman, Chase and Cameron met at the bar/restaurant where they spent so much time as interns.  Wilson went home and cried.  #13 finally took a genetics test, which came back positive for a hereditary disease which may kill her in a few years. 
  • Cuddy being more caring and maternal towards House.  She slept in a chair by his bed after he woke from the coma.  Perhaps she’s finally coming around.

What I DIDN’T love:

  • Cutthroat Bitch dying.  Although it was sad, and it moved the plot along, I thought it was a little forced.  “She’s not renewing her contract, let’s kill her off…”  It just doesn’t sit right with me.
  • Dreams/hallucinations.  It’s always difficult to tell what is a dream or hallicination and what is real.  House did an episode 2 seasons ago in which it was primarily a hallucination, and it confused the hell out of me.

Even though I was not Cutthroat Bitch’s biggest fan, it is sad that she’s gone.  It’s really going to have an affect on future storylines involving House and Wilson.  And Amber will be missed.