Wow.  This finale was chock full of suspensy goodness.  I think the entire episode made me uneasy because it was THAT unpredictable.  I think I nearly had a heart attack at every commercial break wondering what the hell was going on.

<Spoiler Alert>

First up, when we last left our gang, Booth had been shot and Brennan was crying over his wound.  The new episode opens up with Brennan at a table trying to analyze remaines, while everyone else is preparing for Booth’s funeral.  Booth is dead.  HOWEVER, at his funeral, they find out he’s alive, after he is attacked by a fugitive who was out to get him.  Talk about annoying.  I was ready to cry, all the while, my logical side was thinking, “this is HIS show… they can’t kill him off… there is no show without HIM!”

Enter suspenseful story arch that has lasted since the end of season 2.  Gormagon.  And Zack was his apprentice.  Zack planned an explosion to take the focus away from him, in which he got hurt.  He was approached 3 months ago to be a new apprentice, and completely let go of his rational thought in order to complete his assignments.


  • Hodgins accepting that he may be a suspect.  He’s the conspiracy theorist, and he knew that things were looking a little too squeaky clean… or not.
  • Brennan busting into Booth’s bathroom while he was naked in the bathtub drinking beer and reading a comic book.  What made that moment better (aside from a naked David Boreanaz) was the genuine concern Brennan was feeling for Booth, and she was genuinely upset that she wasn’t told he was still alive.
  • The final scene, after Zack was given a bargain to be in a mental facility.  Where the whole gang stood around Zack’s stuff realizing that everything he kept that was important was stuff his friends had given him.  Brennan didn’t think she gave anything to Zack, and ran off crying.  Booth followed along, with a letter of acceptance from Brennan to Zack.  Then there was the shoulder cry. 

What I DIDN’T love:

  • Zack as the killer.  Although it was totally unexpected, it felt like it came out of nowhere.  There was no indication that he was being weird.  No open signs that something was wrong.  Hmm… maybe that was a good thing. 
  • Gormagon was a nobody.  It would have been bigger or more dramatic if Gormagon was also someone the gang knew, or perhaps if he was a public or important figure.

Anyhoo… another season has wrapped itself up.  I can’t wait for this to be released on DVD, so I can watch it continuously and looking for tiny nuances.