Ack!  Today is one of those days where I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  Which means I need some kind of romantic girly thing to swoon over.  And here it is.

My top favorite TV couples that make me laugh, cry and possibly melt.  (These are in no particular order…) They are TV couples/relationships that give hope, and that we all can find relatable.  Sure, Pacey Witter was my TV boyfriend (along with many others…), but he truly can’t do any better than Joey Potter.  And the same goes for Logan (another TV boyfriend… I told you there were others).  He was a wreck, and he looked to Veronica to help change him…  Anyhoo… here they are:

Logan and Veronica.  Their LoVe was epic.  And tragic.  And could be downright dirrrty.  Veronica’s was dating her best friend’s boyfriend, after her best friend was murdered by her boyfriend’s father.  Talk about complicated. 

But I couldn’t help but feel all mushy and tingly every time Logan and Veronica were having a good day.  They were the dysfunctional couple by which all dysfunctional couples based their entire relationships.  Even on their good days they were dysfunctional.

Favorite LoVe Moment: The Anti-Prom.  Logan confesses to Veronica that he still thinks about her and that their love is EPIC and should span lifetimes and continents.  Of course, when Veronica approaches him later, he has no memory of what he had said, and Kendall showing up behind him.  That moment led to the after party, where Logan comforts Veronica after she believes her father was killed in a plane explosion.  Holy potatoes.  And that is why I love Logan and Veronica.


Pacey and Joey.  The couple to end all couples… at least in my mind.  The whole DAWSON/JOEY and PACEY/JOEY triangle was great for the drama in the early years, but it was clear from the very beginning that Joey and Pacey were destined to be together.

Pacey is the underacheiver actively being lazy and purposely not trying to just get by.  While Joey is the overacheiver trying to do better for herself and get out of the lazy little town she grew up in.  In order for Joey to give Pacey the time of day (in his mind), he had to be a better person.  All of which led to Pacey owning his own restaurant and moving on with Joey in the end.

Favorite Joey and Pacey Moment:  Trust me, there are several.  I love their first kiss, when Joey is denying her feelings for Pacey.  Then there’s her confession of love for Pacey before they sail away on the boat “True Love.”  But my all time favorite is when Joey and Pacey are locked in the K-Mart overnight and have to entertain themselves until someone can unlcok the door.  They share a moment, where Pacey is letting Joey get rid of his goatee, and they kiss.  WAIT!  That can’t be topped by the final moment of the series, when they are comfortable with each other, and watching Dawson’s show, and all seems right with the world.  I absolutely LOVE Pacey and Joey.

Christina and Burke.  (Can you tell I have a thing for mismatched couples?)  They are totaly opposites other than the fact that they excel in everything they do… and pretty much everything else.  From the moment they had a thing in the on-call room, I knew they were perfect, even if they relly weren’t. 

Christina was pushy and non-committal.  Christ, she never even told Burke that she still had her own apartment after he thought she moved in with him.  Burke was committal, focused, and stable, which probably scared Christina, but she did everything she could for him in order to prove that she loved him. 

Of course, that wasn’t enough, as they never made it to the altar.  But they constant pushing on either side to make one more like the other was just great.

Favorite Burke and Christina Moment: After Burke had brain surgery, his hand was shaky, and in order to help him with his dexterity, Christina brough home whole chickens that she cut up, and expected Burke to sew them back together.