The latest being Johnny Depp. I realize this is nothing new. But this weekend, I finally bought Sweeney Todd and I’ve watched it 5 times (which pretty much equals once a day), nevermind the non-stop soundtrack playing on my iPod at all times.  And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listenend to THAT.  Even when I’m not actually listening to the soundtrack, my mind is on SHUFFLE… which means at any given time, there will be a song from Sweeney Todd rolling around in my head.

I’m sorry, James.  I love you, and I strongly feel that if you had knowledge of my skills…for being a personal assistant (you thought I was going to say somethin dirty, didn’t you?), you would forever be mine.  But you have a bit of competition at the moment.  Sure, if you feel the need to fight for my honor, I would love to see it.  Perhaps there could be oil of some kind… Sorry.  Johnny Depp is singing to me as I write this.  And to be perfectly honest… if given the choice between James Marsters and Johnny Depp… I would probably consider asking for both and a tub of oil.  How Can I choose between my 2 movie star boyfriends???  How dare you try to make me choose!?!  They are both so pretty.  And those cheekbones… LORD!  They both have these amazing cheekbones…  Ok, I’m getting a little distracted in dealing with my 2 favorite movie stars!

Anyhoo… That is my current obsession, and I figured I’d share it with the world!