Literally…nothing on actual TV.  I watched old episodes of Buffy and I’m sure there was an episode of the Simpsons, and a couple of the Office in there somewhere.  But for the bulk, I did not watch actual TV.

And it’s a shame, too.  As I’m watching the news getting ready for work this morning, they have an amazing clip playing about last night’s American Idol.  And Paula’s insanity.  I was shocked she came off so bad.  I could have sworn she was nothing but pure brilliance. (Yeah.  I’m sarcastic.  But the damn thing was hilarious.)  And the look on Simon’s face before he near dies laughing. 

Now, those of you out there who have not seen or heard of American Idol (chirping crickets), the basic format for the final 5 is that each contestant does two songs.  Everyone sings once and gets judged, then sing a second time and they get judged again.  Apparently, Paula didn’t see that happening.  She starts giving a critique after the first song.  “You’re first song was right on, but I wasn’t feeling the second song.” Then she pauses dramatically, as everyone is telling her they’ve only done ONE song.  “Oh my god!  I thought you’ve already done your 2 songs.  I thought this was the second song!” 

Take a look… Check it out… And laugh as hard as you can!

And this definitely makes me wish I actually watched American Idol last night! LMAO!