…What can I say?  The episode in and of itself wasn’t a bad one.  There were some pretty funny moments, some great lines were written.  I laughed.  Out loud.  And do you know what I found to be inherently WRONG about the episode?  Britney Spears. 

I’ve been reading reviews on a few other sites, and watching the updates on how she was doing, and to be perfectly honest…they are all wrong.  Perhaps no one wants to rock the boat, and make Britney appear to be more screwed up than she already is.  But her acting really turned me off to the episode.  I really feel that had it been a no name actor playing the role of the receptionist, the delivery of those lines would have been so much better, and definitely funnier.  How about if the receptionist was a man?  I definitely can’t see Ted being pretend flirty with a guy, but he still could have buddied up to him.  And with the receptionist being flirty, there would have been some really great moments.

Ok, I realize I’m being a little harsh on Britney, but she’s dug her own hole.  She’s created her own life, and made her own mistakes.  For a moment, I thought perhaps her being on the show would gain her some brownie points.  You know, make her more appealing like she’s trying to clean up her life… Yeah, no.  I just made me feel worse about her.  Like she’s pushing herself in to the one thing that hasn’t been tainted: a GOOD sitcom.  The Office NEVER would have had her on, much less ANY celebrity.

So… some highlights to the episode:

Barney tries to prove that magic is cool, and subsequently makes Marshall scream in horror as he makes a spark and tiny flame.  Priceless. 

Barney convinces Ted to grow a mustache.  Also classic.  I absolutely LOVED the flashback to when Barney made a bet that he could get Ted to grow a mustache.

Ted’s 2-minute date with his dermatologist.  I like the idea of having everything ready, and seeing the 30-second movie.  Now that was a cute moment.  Oh, Ted.  You’re always winning points with me.

The reappearance of Ranjit.  I LOVE that guy.  In every good episode that involves a cab, Ranjit has been there.  And rightly so. 

It was a good episode.  Outside of the Britney moments.  OH!!!  AND!!!  Alyson Hannigan finally got rid of the forehead covering bangs.  I was so happy I wanted to cry.  Now all she has to do is go back to being a redhead and the world will go back to normal.  No more apocalypse.  Seriously, I don’t mind that she’s a brunette at the moment.  The issue is having two female lead characters with similar hair colors.  It makes them harder to differentiate.  At least when she was red, looking at the screen wasn’t so difficult.  I understand why she did it.  I’m just saying that I prefer her as a redhead.

Thank you gentle readers.  It’s been fun.  But the time has come for me to gouge my eyes out with something sharp in hopes that I never see Britney on another sitcom for as long as I live.