tiny.jpgHello, again, Gentle Readers!  Much has changed since I’ve last posted.  There have been some interesting ongoings since we last met…

To start with, I decided to follow my cat around for the day so I could know EXACTLY what he does all day long.  And…yeah.  Posing on his back was pretty much all he did.  I consider that experiment to have failed miserably.  I was hoping for something far more entertaining.  Like, playing Spiderman on the ceiling, or scaling the walls in an effort to ward off demons or something.  Hell, even playing Guitar Hero would have been entertaining.  But, no.  All he does is lay around and be lazy.  Yup.  Definitely wishing I had his life right about now.

In other news, I quit the Block, that evil corporate video store where I was formerly employed.  (and if you haven’t figured out by now which corporate video store I’m making reference to… well, I guess you’ll never know.  HA!)  I can’t believe how relieved I was to have left that evil place.  I actually have time to get into American Idol this seaon…which I actually haven’t done.  I started, but for some reason, I’m just not getting into it.  All the free movies were great, but it just got to the point where it was just not worth it anymore.  I didn’t even have time to watch all the movies I rented.

And more importantly… I am now the proud owner of the first season of Lost.  Yup.  You should all be very proud of me.  Yes, I realize it took me forever to FINALLY understand the reasons why I should be watching.  And it boils down to one simple concept.  I am required by my primary job to have my fingers on the pulse of pop culture.  Did I mention that my real job is customer service in the field of technology, which has nothing to do with pop culture…  Anyhoo… I’m about halfway through the second disc, and good lord am I gonna have a heart attack!  The whole Jack/Kate thing, and the idea that they will probably never get off the island (except that they really do, only I’m not supposed to know that yet… *giggle*)