…was absolutely INCREDIBLE! And no, I’m not being a tad overdramatic. Maybe you’re not giving her enough credit. Maybe you are. If you’ve seen the episode already, you know what I mean. Kristen Bell is an incredible actress, and she really fit into the Heroes cast with no problem.

Bell plays Elle, a sexy new character who seemingly works for the company whose intentions are unknown. Elle’s intentions are also shady. She comes to Ireland in search of Peter, and she nearly finds him. However, Peter’s newfound family/friends see to it that he remains in hiding for just a little while longer. Elle isn’t pleased and decides to send Peter a message… in the form of a charred friend.

Now, about Elle’s really cool ability. She has an amazing control of electricity. Not that she’s not electrifying anyway. Out of all the “Heroes,” Elle’s abilities are truly my favorite. She can’t fly or regenerate, but she can manipulate anything with a flick of her wrist and a spark of the fingertips.

What I also noticed immediately was that Elle isn’t much different from Veronica. She’s sassy and mysterious, and Bell manages to maintain a touch of her former Private Eye persona. It’s almost like a gift to loyal Veronica Mars fans. But as I mentioned before, Kristen Bell is incredible in everything she does.

The question now becomes what will become of this new character… Will she remain a mystery, or will her intentions become clearer in her story arc. I’m expecting great things, especially with November Sweeps around the corner. Is she a good guy or a bad guy? No matter which side she chooses, she is proving to be a very interesting character.

And I can’t wait to see everything play out.