To celebrate its new home on Nick @ Nite, Home Improvement is running a marathon… for the past two weeks. *giggle*

I remember watching this show when the episodes were brand new. Al Borland was always my favorite with his “I don’t think so, Tim.”


I had a GINORMOUS crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I’m going to marvel at how old I feel. Once upon a time, Nick @ Nite was full of shows from waaay back before I even existed. Dobie Gillis. Dragnet. Bewitched. Alfred Hitchcock Presents. That show with the twin cousins. Those were shows that were meant to be on Nick @ Nite. And all of a sudden, shows from MY youth are popping up left and right. It started with the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the Cosby Show, now Home Improvement. Judging by the length of the wait period between the new episodes and the time they appear on Nick @ Nite, I MUST be older than I thought. And I’m only 25.

Makes me wonder about what happened to other shows from my youth. Punky Brewster. Small Wonder. Out of this World. Alf. That was some quality television. But perhaps not enough of a big hit to make it to Nick @ Nite. Ah, well. I still feel old.