Am I excited? You bet I am! Edie Falco, formerly Carmela wife of mob boss Tony Soprano, is doing a three-episode arc on this season of 30 Rock, the Saturday Night Live-esque show. The new season premieres on October 4th, costarring Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan. I’ve also heard rumors that the show is up for 10 Emmy’s this year.

“I have laughed out loud at this show, and I am thrilled for the opportunity to work with such great comic actors,” Falco said of “30 Rock” in a statement from NBC.

Personally, I’ve watched maybe one episode in its entirety, and it really never had an appeal for me. I find all of this odd, because the show is indeed “critically acclaimed,” even though it has no viewers. That is merely speculation on my part, but it does seem like no one watches 30 Rock.

It seems to be a trend this season. Stars from other popular shows are making appearances during the new fall season. Jerry Seinfeld, Rip Torn, Will Arnett and Sherri Shepherd will be reprising their roles in the upcoming season.