Not more than a half hour into the one hour premiere of The Real World: Sydney, and there was already way too much drama.  This time, there are four girls and three boys.  Dunbar, Cohutta, and the other boy whose name I forget because he really wasn’t all that great, are all Southern livin’ boys.  Cohutta has the thickest southern accent I’ve ever heard, and he’s come off already as the “hick” type.  The only reason I remember Dunbar’s name (aside from the fact that he shares a name with an armored car service) is because he’s somehow managed to already get in the middle of a cat fight.  And they haven’t even been there a full day.

Ah, yes.  The women.  Catty, dramatic and bitchy.  This is going to be such a dramatic season.  Parisa, Chauvon, Kelly Anne and the girls whose name I can’t remember because she’s boring, so far.  Parisa is the token “foreign” person, but so far she is my favorite girl in the house because she’s more level headed and tries to be considerate.  But the drama has been circling around her and Kelly Anne, from Texas.  Kelly Anne seems to think every girl hates her because she’s cuter and gets all the attention from boys.  It’s not that she’s cuter, it’s that she’s pretty much whoring herself around after only a day.  Chauvon has taken Parisa’s side, but tries to remain neutral.  While the other girl is clearly on Kelly Anne’s side.  Now I remember why I don’t like women.  They’re petty and annoying and really, really lame.

I think the Sydney house if by far the best house the Real World has seen so far.  And Australia is absolutely beautiful.

This season is shaping up to be a dramatic one.  I hope things don’t escalate and fizzle right away like it did last season in Denver.  I want to see drama, cat fights, hair pulling, people getting arrested for dumb stuff and so much more.  I am a little disappointed that the gay community is not represented.  It’s always interesting to watch people deal with their issues with that.