Saturday nights really haven’t been chock full of quality television. Outside of the depressing America’s Most Wanted that’s been on for over 20 years, a new episode of America’s Got Talent and Saturday Night Live, I’ve found but one thing on that I am delightfully inclined to watch… Pirates of the Caribbean: Legend of the Black Pearl!

How can you compare ANYTHING to a movie that showcases Johnny Depp so prominently, I ask you…How? Okay, well aside from this being a Johnny Depp movie, the special effects and graphics are incredibly realistic and terrifying.

I currently own both Pirate Movies on dvd, and with the third still in theaters, it could continue on forever. There have been rumors of Depp saying that he would continue to play Captain Jack Sparrow as long as he could, as long as they wanted him to. Capt Jack is Johnny’s first recurring role in a movie…EVER! But you all knew that, I bet.