Not really LIVE, per se…but rather, me writing as I watch.  And then posting a week later, after editing the crap out of it 🙂

9:00 pm A very dramatic man is drowning over a bloody suitcase in the teaser. Did I mention I love watching in hi-def? HOLY POTATOES! I look away for a second, and it looked as though the rescue team man was going to kill the dramatic man and the suitcase. He actually just made him calm down to let go of the suitcase so they could save his life.

9:02 pm Suitcase full of wife’s clothes, which are really medical records…AND we have the first time EVER a person is actually requesting Dr. House to attend.

9:03 pm Talk about a season finale. Huh? There’s always been a reason I love this show. Hugh Laurie is quite attractive, sure. Can’t lie about that one. But it has the ability to make you stop dead and think “What the hell just happened?!?” I knew there was a reason I was writing a spec for this show…

9:05 pm Commercial for Diet coke where they’re singing “Oh Marie” Kinda funny. I actually did that at work once (borrowed someone’s drink)…but I replaced it the next day, I swear 😉

9:06 pm A confused Cuddy…A sneaking House…And enter Wilson, who complains about HOuse not answering his phone. Typical House, avoiding patients.

9:07 pm I guess Foreman’s really going to leave….”Foreman’s not the only chocolate covered cherry in the box”…

9:09 pm Check the husband, diagnosis calls for an MRI…and House with Foreman left alone…

9:10 pm House doesn’t care, according to Chase…Cameron actually sits with the patient…damn her and her caring nature.

9:12 pm Husband shows no sypmptoms….and Chase seems to think Foreman will never leave. Is he really that thick??? Enter Foreman, the patient has MS…trial and error for treatment for MS….and House agrees?

9:13 pm Bone Cancer… Chase thinks House is kissing up to Foreman…. Pet scan….

9:14 pm Why is Chase getting so upset? methinks there’s an underlying reason he’s angry at House for pretending to kiss up to Foreman…Why are they fighting?

9:15 pm You’re fired! Been here the longest, learned all you can…House actually fires Chase. Perhaps he was annoyed…House claims for it to be a time of change…. It could be that Foreman had a hand in House’s randomly calculated firing of Chase.

9:19 pm Mmmmm Friendly’s Iced Mocha Latte….

9:20 pm No tumors. Foreman and Cameron are shocked by Chase being fired. Chase, however finds a hot spot in the patient’s funny bone… Has House gone completely mad?

9:21 pm Cuddy confronts House’s inabilty to deal with issues…Enter Wilson. Self righteous son of a bitch… Chase answers House’s question but is still fired.  I’m fairly certain that House has gone completely mad.  Leaving me to believe that the ending will be a shocker.

9:23 pm Foreman…gives the patient House’s home phone number. Priceless.

9:24 pm “Did you give an angry Cuban my home phone number?” Classic.

9:28 pm Diet coke and pepsi commercials keep getting weirder. I think they should just be discontinued. Typically I watch these shows commercial free on my DVR…go figure I’d choose tonite to do this live…

9:29 pm House interrupts a surgery done by Wilson…by. video. monitor. Wilson knows change is fun…Shouldn’t have fired Chase…think House feels it, being shortstaffed and all.  So, that’s what he gets for being mildly irrational.

9:31 pm House polls first year med students being lectured by Cuddy…I don’t think House is thinking clearly anymore.  He has no diagnostics team, so now First Years are being subjected to him? 

9:32 pm Angry Cuban finds Dr. House.

9:35 pm Can’t tell husband anything until they figure out why the heart won’t start. Cameron misses her colleague Foreman. Can’t jumpstart the heart. No theories why the heart won’t stop.

9:37 pm Drunk Chase realizes that the time has come to move on…and Cameron perhaps feels for him. “It’s Tuesday, I like you” hasn’t been working for him since they Cameron ended their tryst.

9:39 pm Pure motives…House doesn’t care…but he does…He needs the crazy idea that will save the patient of the angry cuban, who continues to pray for his wife.

9:40 pm House is getting a taste of real human emotion… I think he’s starting to care and perhaps that will make the perfect ending to this season, and a fantastic start to the new one.

9:41 pm Previews showed the patient, after being taken off bypass, comes back to life… House just turned the machine off…. and the patients heart started up again, pulse and all. Edge of my seat… this is crazy.

9:44 pm I just tried fast forwarding through the commercials…it didn’t work…I’m not watching the recording…blast! I’m sick of commercials. They’re not even very good.

9:46 pm 3 hours off bypass, she’s stable and the pain is gone. Tropical infection… antibiotics didn’t bring her back to life.

9:47 pm “How come god gets credit when something good happens…” House has a point.  He’s been working hard on cases and for some reason everybody wants to thank God… Perhaps it’s House’s sunny disposition that gets him praise…

9:49 pm House stepped up “You can either put her in god’s hands or in mine” ” I better not see you praying, I don’t want to fight for credit on this”… Classic.  But, seriously, it’s about time House exhibited a little compassion and saved a life not based on a puzzle.

The end: Cameron quits, Chase is fired, and Foreman is on to bigger and better things.  Leaving House alone, once again, with himself.  Everyone left feeling better about themselves.  The shared sentiment is that it has been 3 years and for better or for worse, they all learned and had a fantastic experience.  Also, Cameron finally caves and tells Chase she doesn’t want to wait for Tuesday for Chase to tell her he’s in love with her.  Sparks fly… One can only assume, with their sexual history, that Chase invited her up…

Predictions for Season 4: Clips of Cameron, Chase and Foreman will appear, as a reminder that they were there from the beginnng.  Or perhaps, all three continue to work at Princeton Plainsboro in their own capacity, on their own teams.  And House will be seen with three new young, impressionable, and naiive diagnosticians.