Chuck “the IceMan” Liddell suffered a horrible beat down in last nights UFC. A looping right hook to the cheek, knocked him down, and some pretty heavy hits to the head neck area rocked him.

And who was the fighter that issued this punishment to the IceMan? None other than Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Jackson fought Liddell a few years back in Pride fight, and this Light Heavyweight title fight was to serve as a revenge scenario for Liddell. Guess things didn’t work in his favor.

Not gonna lie, I’m a fan of the IceMan, but last night my money was on Rampage. If they’ve fought before, and the rumors were true that Rampage was an animal, why not vote Rampage?

I’m sure you know, I’ve never been a hardcore fan of the UFC. I’ll watch when there’s a fighter I know. So last night was no different. I watched the other fights out of the corner of my eye while surfing the net for dumb things to do. And I was really looking forward to an interesting fight. 30 seconds (I’m not sure of the official time) in the first round, and it’s over. Makes me feel like the 40 bucks I spent ordering it on pay-per-view was simply a waste. Maybe not. Maybe the other fights I didn’t watch were good. Lucky me to have it all on DVR.