Yes, it’s getting to be that time of year.  It’s time for SUMMER REPLACEMENT SHOWS!  This is probably one of my favorite times other than November and February Sweeps.  It’s a fantastic way to waste the summer.  So, as I wait for the new dvds of this seasons shows to show up for sale, I’ll sit back and watch the silly madness that is Summer TV.  Now, you may think I’m weird because I’m excited over the “Kiss of Death” for most networks, but I’m truly excited.  I think it goes back to my childhood.  I could never get into the regular tv season because there was always something to do: drama club, chorus, softball…you name it, I did it.  Now that I’m older and work for a living, I actually have the time to record, sit and watch the shows that I have grown to know and love.

I remember getting excited for my all-time favorite show Beyond Belief: Fact of Fiction.  It used to be on FOX, but they still show it on the Sci-fi channel, but it’s not the same as waiting all year for it to show up in the summer time. 

For those who have never seen the show, the premise is you watch 5 incredibly strange, random and unbelievable storiesand have to choose which ones are real and which ones are not.  I was good at it to boot.  And they were always the most random things: little girls who can communicate with the dead, older men narrowly escaping death because of their psychic life-saving dog.   Classic and priceless.