Poor, misguided Sheriff Lamb.  I was a little shocked with the turn of events over the past few weeks.  Granted, this week, due to the sabatical Veronica Mars has taken, there have been no new episodes… So I sat down to catch up with whatever it was that I’ve missed.

And this was a HUGE thing to not watch the first time around.  With Keith on the case of ‘Who shot the Dean,’ Sheriff Lamb felt that there was another suspect other than the obvious Professor Landry.  He wasn’t wrong.  In pursuit of yet another murder (because that’s all people seem to do in Neptune… kill people), Sheriff Lamb and the Deputy came to the rescue, where Lamb gets shot, and ends up in critical condition during the next episode. 

And Keith got to play Sheriff again, in Lamb’s absence…Only to get a phone call moments later that Lamb passed away in the ICU.  Even Veronica was sad. 

Sure, Lamb was a moron most times, and he enjoyed making Keith look like an ass, but he was a likeable character in an unlikeable way.  He was the perfect anti-hero, in a lame “I’m cooler than you because I’m the Sheriff” sort of way.

 Sheriff Lamb, you will be missed.

Also, and this is something I find to be the worst thing ever, Logan has been giving Parker the googly eyes.  Now I know Logan and Veronica are no longer together, but if they’re going to end the show, at least give me that.  I want to see them together and happy.