Lessons learned are not lost on The Family Guy. In fact, every episode often has a lesson or moral, otherwise the characters journey would have been worthless.

Let’s talk about Stewie for a moment. He is basically left in the sun to bake and shrivel like a raisin, but soon discovers that tan is IN. And when something is IN, Stewie takes it all the way. He even went so far as to have a “Tanned People” Club/get together thing. And when left to his own devices, stays in a tanning bed for six and a half hours…And with Peter being a bully (I’m getting that part in a minute), he smacks Stewie across the back and asks how his tan is doing. Priceless. Once Stewie starts to peel, he discoveres a new mole that Brian believes may be cancerous. Now Stewie spends the rest of the week doing things he’d never done before…things he’s always wanted to do before he died. But, of course, the mole is not cancerous.

Peter learns about being a bully after Chris gets beat up by a neighborhood kid who stole his paper route. Peter finds that being a bully is fun, and proceeds to bully everyone: his family, friends, and strangers. What had me dying was Peter chasing Meg backwards around the kitchen table, farting on her until she threw up and passed out on the floor.

And of course there’s the creepy old guy with the high voice who likes little boys. He gets creepier every episode…

Eventually, Peter learns that bullying is not okay…but only after he attempts to bully the man who bullied him as a child, but now has MS…and Chris stopped him and beat the crap out of him.

The moral of the story: Bullies are mean, tanning can kill you, and be nice to your friends.