Angela calling Hodgins “Hodgy”?  Hodgins tampering with evidence and withholding info quintessential  for a murder case?  Booth not wearing colorful ties?  Brennan dating???

As far as weird things go, this was a weird episode.  I’ve never really seen Brennan interested in anyone in the relationship department when it didn’t involve her getting physically injured, assaulted, or being in an all-out bad sort of way.  The last guy she tried to date didn’t really work out…She cancelled on him to spend time with Booth in the hospital.

And Booth was being dodgy with Sully (Brennan’s new boyfriend), and Sully hit the nail on the head:  Booth wants Brennan.  He won’t admit it, espeically after the incident with the murder on the loose that leapt to his death after Booth dropped him.

Another bright spot is Booth’s therapist, Gordon Wyatt, who gave a pyschiatric evaluation for Booth to return to work and carry a gun, on the grounds that they still meet for “therapy sessions.”  I think they’re working.

But the weirdness keeps getting weirder, until the lawyer on the side of the Jeffersonian lays down the truth: “You guys are out of your minds…Get it together.”  Priceless.   For awhile all the squints have been acting outside the lines and making life more difficult for themselves.  They have to shape up or someone’s going to get hurt.