Last night’s episode ended with an upset Lorelei, a happy Luke and a hospital bound grandfather…and the best part?  Christopher is almout of the picture.  You have to give time for divorce, filing papers and all, but after reading her character reference for Luke, I think it’s pretty safe to say that he and Lorelei are done.

And previews for next week’s Gilmore Girls shows Luke being the first one at the hospital for Lorelei and Rory, and Christopher is nowhere to be found.  Good for him.  And bad for him.  He’s really showing his true colors by not being there for Lorelei, even if they are fighting.  Her dad had a heart attack, wouldn’t you be there for her?  But Luke really came through and I’m glad that he’s that kind of guy.

What killed me about last night’s episode was Paris and Rory and their “race to the finish” plan for the last semester of senior year.  They run out to go tray sledding, and Rory tells Paris not to worry if she breaks her face, and Paris stops dead and says “what”…I died.   It was such a typical old school Paris/Rory interaction.  It’s moments like that that give me hope for the shows ending to be fantastic.

I also loved the fact that Suki went crazy and found out she’s pregnant again.   And her fighting with Jackson was just too funny.  Yelling at him, and he KNEW she was pregnant: he wouldn’t let her drink or ski or do anything she wanted to do.  Priceless.

What I couldn’t stand goes back to Christopher.  Even after he found the letter Lorelei wrote, he was still oblivious to the fact that maybe Lorelei didn’t want any of this in the first place.  He never mentioned that maybe it was his fault that they were married or acknowledged that maybe Lorelei needed more time.  He quickly blamed Lorelei and claimed he couldn’t handle being her second choice because she was still in love with Luke.  You know that, and I know that, and maybe Lorelei knows that deep down, but Lorelei made the decision, no matter how convenient or un-Lorelei-like it was at the time, to be with Christopher no matter what.  And I think she deserves a little more credit than being a two-bit floozy who runs an inn by day and turns tricks by night.

So, I’m glad he’ll be gone, if he isn’t already.  And I’m super excited that the writers saw what a bad idea that was.  Already it’s starting to turn around.  The fangirl in me needs to see Lorelei and Luke together and happy.  Hopefully that is what’s to come.