I couldn’t put it off any longer.  I had to watch  the new episode of Veronica Mars.  It’s been sitting on my DVR since Tuesday, and I caved and watched it.  And to be perfectly honest, I don’t quite know how I feel.

The main plot consisted of Veronica and Mac on the case to find the theif who took a lab monkey and some lab rats.  And Keith has been hired to find out who killed the dean.  Subplot or major 2nd half mystery story that lasts til the end?  Don’t know.

And I squealed at the end (spoiler coming) when Veronica and Logan got back together.  Of course, after the initial excitement, I knew immediately that it would not last.  And that fact was proven by the preview for next week, where the two are back to fighting and of course Logan has done something pretty unforgiveable, and Veronica can’t get passed it.  A little predictable, yes, but I still want to see how it plays out.

I am a little concerned about where the writers are going to take this, or perhaps what they are going to do.  It seems like they are forcing the relationship to happen, then forcing it apart again, purposely trying to tear the viewer’s hearts out.  Fact is, it’s not tearing out any hearts.  It’s becoming a little annoying.  And the fans (if they’re anything like me) are saying “hmm, they’re together.  Never gonna last….Oops, they’re apart again.  Saw that one coming.”  I think V needs a new boy…but not Piz. 

So, things I liked:

*The return of Mac.  She’d been gone for some time, and I like her as a friend of Veronica and computer nerd.  And she’s also showing interest in a new boy/animal rights activist.  After Beaver really screwed her over, I didn’t think we’d see her with anyone else.  This could be a good storyline for Mac. 
*Keith jumped right into the swing of things with the dean’s case.  And went straight to the source.  I’m super excited about the chemistry of Keith and Professor Landry (who was having an affair with the dean’s wife).  Prof Landry claims that he wrote a book on profiling, and appears to want to try to show off to Keith.  Keith is driven by this to prove he is better than Prof Landry, which is going to be great.  I love that Keith is so good at his job, and definitely better than everyone and he knows it, and I love it even more when he tries to prove it.  I see this arc being huge for the show, and this may be what keeps me interested for the rest of this season.

What I didn’t like:

The absence of Wallace.  He may have been gone just as long as Mac, with the exception (for both) of “Spit and Eggs,” where they try to help Veronica not get raped.  I love Wallace, and I’ve always thought there should be more Wallace-specific stories, or at least him helping more.  The first two seasons, he was best friend to the spy, and her right hand man.  If she needed anything, he’d be there…and now? Nothing.  He’s disappeared.  And without real explanation.

Well, I’m hoping the writers pull out the stops with this season.  It’s been my experience that the first year of college is always the hardest season, and usually the most boring to do.  Take Buffy for example.  Her freshman year of college wasn’t a bad season, but it certainly wasn’t good either.  It’s sort of a filler, so the writers can figure out where they really see the show going.  And hopefully Veronica Mars will start getting better.  Heck, even Buffy had to move on and leave Angel behind (metaphorically, because he really left her).  The same for Willow…I think Veronica will much stronger as a person one she gets passed Logan and starts being the person she was meant to be.

Ok, I’m done…