As a random, spur of the moment thing in which I had no choice, I watched Inside the UFC hosted by Joe Rogan. Now, not only do I hate Joe Rogan with every fiber of my being, but I think the show itself is just a promotion tool for the actual fights that ACTUALLY mean something. Basically, it’s just filler between fights.

So, was I surprised when Randy Couture was on to divulge some “news”? Not really. To be perfectly honest, I was hoping his announcement would be vaguely exciting or original like he’s decided to come out of the closet and is admitting to enjoying getting sweaty with the other fighters. Or at least that he’d been taking steroids during his entire career and he wanted to renounce all of his wins and title belts. No such luck. He’s been retired for about a year, and his news? He signed a four fight contract with UFC, which will last for the next two years. Apparently, he missed fighting. Lame. I was really hoping for gayness or steroids. I hope his upcoming fights are at least good.