That’s right, The Sopranos will begin to air on A&E Wednesday, January 10 at 10pm.  While I love The Sopranos I do have some concerns about the quality of the show going forward.  We all saw what happened to Sex and the City once it went to a network channel.  The quality wasn’t much different, but the editing and censoring brought the integrity of the show down a notch.  It is my opinion that the way a show is written and fimled and originally shown is the way the show should always be.

What would The Sopranos be without the cosntant swearing and prominent use of the word “fuck” and the Bada Bing strip club sanz boobs?  Not good. 

Which brings me to my next question: how far will A&E let the show go…or rather, how much editing and censoring will they do?