I’ve been watching this show since the beginning, 10 years ago. I’ve seen the Camden kids grow up, get married, have children, have open-heart surgery, etc. And I’ve loved every minute of it.

So many changes have gone on from last season to this one. For one, they changed the day and time slot, which annoyed the crap out of me. It’s been on the same night at the same time since the show began, and it’s been such a ratings grabber. So, now why the change? My theory is that they’re trying to phase out the show.

So, apparently life is too short. Eric Camden, minister, dad, husband, granddad…well, he is starting to hint that his end may be near. In this episode, his wife, Annie, went to NY to visit Mary and help take care of her new baby, so Eric is taking care of the twins on his own. Towards the end of the episode, Eric has an EKG test done, and although we never actually hear the results, heart surgery would be awesome at this point. I’m almost positive that he hears he only has a few months to live. He becomes careless. And all the food he’s been avoiding eating since his last heart surgery he’s begun eating again. The greasier the better.

I’m saddened by this. However, this seems to be the most natural way to end the show. For 10 years it’s been based around the minister and his family. Now, Lucy, his daughter, is a minister, and it has come full circle. So the natural progression of the show is for someone important to die. He certainly cannot be written off the show, so this will be the last season.

Eric Camden, you’ve been a wonderful father figure, a loving husband, an awesome minister.

And holy cow! The teasers for next week’s show looks incredible. If this IS the last season, it’s going to be a great one!