Insecure, bad-ass, revengeful, almost evil wicca. Ok, so the term “Wicca” bothers me. In the context that it’s used, it should be “Wiccan,” but that’s another story for a whole other time.

I am often perplexed by Willow, the seemingly sweet-turned-badass wicca. Her only real downfall was the fact that she let her flaws and her weakness get the best of her. I was reading one of those essays in “7 Seasons of Buffy” where authors discuss their favorite things about the whole series, and one person starts making a very good point about Willow. She abused power, she wasn’t addicted (or shouldn’t really have been portrayed as such in season six). I love how she is portrayed in the first season. The geeky computer chick with a major yen for her bestest of best friends in the whole world (not Buffy! Willow doesn’t turn gay until season 4) has a massive thurst for the knowledge. Even in Ted, Willow keeps some of his parts claiming, “I just wanna learn stuff.” to which Buffy responds, “You’re supposed to use your power for good.” It’s all about power with Willow. I think that statement really started the whole thing. Previous to that, I don’t think Willow was aware of just how powerful she was, with the knowledge then with the power. Being the shy outcast that she was, she was prone to self-esteem issues, therefore thinking she wasn’t all that special. But in Welcome to the Hellmouth, Buffy pretty much made sure that Willow knew she was worth hanging out with.

And it snowballed from there. She “experimented” with witchcraft, and used it as a device, the problem-solver. Problem: she and Xander were starting to develop feelings for each other. Solution: cast an “anti-love spell”. Problem: Oz dumped her, and she wanted to feel normal again. Solution: cast a spell to have her will be done, and use it to make herself feel better. Problem: Tara was shot and died instantly in front of her eyes. Solution: magic will solve everything, turn your eyes and hair black and go nuts. But the problem with her solutions is that they end up being problems in themselves. The anti love spell got her captured by Spike and inadvertantly made Oz and Cordelia see what was going on. The will it so spell almost got her friends killed, and turning into black-haired Willow got Warren killed and almost ended the world. What more can you ask for…

Willow’s gradual abuse of power nearly killed her friends, and yet they still forgave her. Now that’s the key to the Buffyverse.